Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Goal

When I did my fair use assignment for the other class, I thought for a second that the easiest way to complete this blog was to use the same information and just put it in a new format. But how does that really help me or anyone else? I've spent a lot of time thinking about what angle I could take on copyright law that would be unique and helpful. One question that has plagued me since I posted my information a couple weeks ago is this: just who is responsible for being the "copyright police" in the school? While I have not found a solid answer for that question, I have found some interesting answers regarding liability for copyright infringement.

In an age where copyright infringement is easy (and thus rampant), most people have very cavalier attitudes about it. My goal in this blog is to tell you why educators SHOULD care. In the next few days, watch for postings on liability, penalties, and real-life instances.

Okay, that's my idea and short introduction. While I think it is an interesting and unique angle, I have not read anyone else's blog yet, for fear that my idea has already been taken! So, if anyone in our group has already covered this, I am sorry. I will read all the others when I am done.


Brandi W. said...

That sounds like a great idea! Educators should care about copyright. It is the job of the media specialist to let them know why. Hopefully the information you provide is something we can pass on to the staff at our schools.

Cyndy said...

Are we off the hook if we make sure to educate our colleagues. That is what I am wondering. If we put signs reminding people about copyright and if we politely remind them about copyright, have we done our job concerning copyright?

djkullen said...


Educating teachers and placing signs say on the copier or on a video tape or something is a great idea, and that was a suggestion in something I read.

As far as being "off the hook," that depends. According to Simpson in Copyright for Schools, if the infringement was done on a library copier or on library-loaned equipment, then the librarian could be involved in a suit. But a strong copyright policy and good staff training can protect you.

Brandy said...


I think this is an excellent area to look into. As someone just getting in to the field of education, I have a lot to learn and I haven't really heard a lot about this area of copyright. I will keep checking back for more info!

Also, Great Family picture! It is so nice to put a face with the people we have been "working" with!!